Operation & maintenance services

24/7/365 days operation and maintenance of DG/GG sets with PLCs panels ,UPS,HVAC, AHUs, FCUs , VRV, Voltage regulator ,Cooling Towers , primary / secondary pumps and HSD tank .

24/7/365 days maintenance and operation of critical 11kv / 33kv , Transformers and HT / LT Panels, Auxiliary panels ,Fire Panels, Lightning panels, Power Panels ,ACs Panels, common area panel etc.

BMS (Building Management System ) Operation & Maintenance of building Energy management system on 24/7, 365 days

Testing & Commissioning, Testing & Calibration, Preventive maintenance, Energy audit & Electrical Equipment inspections etc.

Annual shutdown maintenance of all Electrical installation panels.

Carpentry, minor civil work and 24/7,365 days operation and maintenance of Plumbing system, Fire system and water treatment (STP/WTP/ETP) system etc.

Our Operations and Maintenance services cover the following systems:

Electrical ( Utility and Floor Maintenance )
  • UPS / Inverter
  • DG ( Air-cool and water cool )
  • Building Management System ( BMS )
  • HVAC system ( All types of AC,s )
  • Plumbing and Water Pumps
  • Maintenance of WTP/STP/ETP plants
  • Electrical project works
  • Energy Audit
  • Maintenance of Fire Jokey, Sprinkler, Hydrant and Engine pumps
  • Electrical / Electronic and Mechanical equipment Installation & Maintenance services

Our AST Facilities Management Software provides optimal asset life cycles and maintenance management solutions.

  • Helpdesk
  • Asset maintenance
  • Inventory management
Electro-Mechanical Services:

Planned Preventative Maintenance schedules - All assets and Mechanical , Electrical , Plumbing and Drainage systems

    Breakdown Maintenance:
  • Reduce Downtime
  • Failure Analysis
  • Recording events
  • Refer Case studies/ Best Practices as preventive measures
Preventive Maintenance:
  • Reduction of equipment down time.
  • Higher operating efficiencies
  • Extended life time of equipments
  • Protection against unexpected failures
  • Historical logs of equipment condition and service
Routine Maintenance:
  • Daily site walk to check the engineering systems and plant rooms.
  • Maintain records and escalate abnormalities.
  • Weekly visual check on architectural and building services installations.
  • Immediate repairs as required
  • Records of visual check results with recommendations and implementation of appropriate solutions.
    • Building Management Solutions:

      AST operates Building Management Systems that comprise of Access Control, CCTV, Fire Alarm and Building Automation systems, for efficient functioning and security of the premises.

      Property Management Services

      AST offers partnerships with building owners and users for facilitation of an efficient transition, maximizing revenues with lower operating costs while maintaining high service levels.

      In addition to providing core Facilities Management Services our PMS provides solutions to our clients on :

      • Accounts and Administration
      • Occupant Management
      • Complete maintenance of property including common area maintenance (CAM)
      • Liaison and PR with Government Agencies
      • Civil Supervision
      • Vendor Management
      • Health ,Safety , Security and Environment
      • Space Management
      • Statutory / Legal Compliances and licenses
      • Help Desk Management
      • Visitor Management
      • Parking Management

      In addition to providing core Facility Management services our PMS will provide solutions to our clients on :

      • Property and Services takeover for complete maintenance and management
      • Vendor management / Maintain 3rd party contracts
      • Life Safety and Security Systems Management
      • Procurement of consumables and inventory management
      • Maintain PPM schedules of all equipments and installations - routine, annual and breakdown maintenance
      • 24 X 7 Central Help Desk services - record, track, execute and report all work orders and complaints , MIS’s – daily , monthly and quarterly and annual
      • Complete Tenant relationship management - Represent Client for compliance of SLA’s / lease agreements / Terms and Condition’s of occupants /Timely submission of bills , follow up and collection of rents and payments from occupants
      • Co ordination and inspection of any work initiated within the premises until completion
      Pre Occupancy Management:
      • CAM Estimations and Budgeting
      • Transition Phase Management
      • Property Take Over
      • Post Occupancy Management:
      • Tenant Relationship Management
      • Operations and Maintenance
      • Set Up Budgets - Revenue / Operations
      • Client Relationship Management
      • Liaise With Government Bodies
      • New Tenant Move-In Management
      • Rent Collection

      Service tracker, Asset maintenance, Inventory management, Invoice tracker, Material movement management and Staff management.

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